Aspen Tree

Populus Tremula - Aspen Tree from Heathwood Nurseries
  • Medium Tree Height - Up to 15m tall
  • Green / Grey Leaves in Summer, Yellow in Autumn
  • Tolerant of Clay, Draught & Wet soil types, prefers Acid Soil 
  • Cell Grown Aspen Trees at our own Nurseries in Shropshire
  • Grown from British Seed

Our Cell grown plants are grown from British seed at our Shropshire Nurseries.

Our Field Grown / Bare Rooted plants are from 40 - 60 cm. Our Container Grown Plants are from 20 - 40 cm. Subject to availability.

Image are for guidance only.

  Populus Tremula - Aspen Trees from Heathwood Nurseries 
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